Shadi Adib
Animation Director
Shadi finished with a master’s degree in animation at the Tehran Art University and attended Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. Her film FUSE is currently running for competition in renowned festivals around the world and has already received several awards. After her work on “The Amazing World of Gumball”  at Studio SOI, she was a preselection jury member of the Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film. During that time, she also started her work on her latest film "Ode". The film was completed in spring 2019 and was also produced by Studio SOI. "Ode" celebrated its world premiere at the opening gala of the ITFS 2019, at which she was also a preselection jury member. The film describes the moment when the idea of ​​a common Europe emerges. A Europe that is in its infancy.
Thank you!

Animadeba 2019 - Winner New Filmmakers (Fuse)
Florida Animation Festival 2019 - 1st Place Student Frame by Frame (Fuse)
Florida Animation Festival 2019 - Honorable Mention Frame by Frame (Fuse)
New Jersey International Film Festival 2019 - Winner Best Animation (Fuse)
6th Fantastic And Terror Festival in Tàrrega 2019 - Galacticat: Millor Curtmetratag D’ Animació (Fuse)
Film Fest Dresden 2019: Goldener Reiter der Jugendjury - Nationaler Wettbewerb (Fuse)
Chilemonos 2019: Winner of competition of animated short films of international schools (Fuse)
Watersprite International Student Film Festival 2019: Winner Animation (Fuse)
Cinemì Cinemà 10th Edition: Winner of Animation Short Film Under 30 (Fuse)
Deutsche Film- und Medienbewertung. FBW 2018: Prädikat besonders wertvoll (Fuse)
Bucheon International Animation Festival-BIAF 2018: Best Graduation Film (Fuse)
Stuttgart International Trickfilm Festival 2015: Official Festival Trailer (Filmfabrik)
Nahal student short film festival 2014:- Trophy of Best Student Short Animation (Alzheimer)
8th Tehran International Animation Festival 2013: Golden trophy best short national competition (Alzheimer)
8th ATHENS ANIMFEST- Greece 2013: 2nd Stundent Award (Alzheimer)
2nd Tehran Urban Film Festival 2012: Winner (Like a Dream)

Annecy International Animated Film Festival 2018: Award for Best Graduation Film (Fuse)
Stuttgart International Trickfilm Festival 2018: Grand Prix & Student Award (Fuse)
Animafest Zagreb Animation Festival 2018: Student Award
Tampere Film Festival 2018: Special Screening (Fuse)
Klik! Amsterdam Animation Festival 2018: Best Student (Fuse)
Fest Anca Animation Festival, Zilina 2018: Best Student (Fuse)
Bamberger Kurzfilmtage 2019: Best Student (Fuse)
Void Animation Festival, Copenhagen 2019: Best Student (Fuse)
Oxford Film Festival 2019: Best Student (Fuse)
Animayovka Festival 2019: Best Student (Fuse)
Cairo International Animation Forum 2019: Best Student (Fuse)
Animac, Lleida 2019: Best Student (Fuse)
Tehran International Animation Festival 2019: Best Student (Fuse)
Omaha Film Festival 2019: Best Student (Fuse)
Cinécran - Rencontres du cinéma européen, Vannes 2019: Best Student (Fuse)
Watersprite International Student Film Festival, Cambridge 2019: Best Student (Fuse)
Tokyo Anime Festival 2019: Best Student (Fuse)
Kontrast Bayreuther Filmfest 2019: Best Student (Fuse)
REGARD Short Film Festival Saguenay 2019: Best Student (Fuse)
Athens Animfest 2019: Best Student (Fuse)
Ca’ Foscari Short Film Festival, Venice 2019: Best Student (Fuse)
Monstra Animation Festival, Lisbon 2019: Best Student (Fuse)
Animation Dingle, Kilkenny 2019: Best Student (Fuse)
Festival du Film de Fontenay-le-Comte 2019: Best Student (Fuse)
Underexposed Film Festival yc, Rock Hill 2019: Best Student (Fuse)
Trinationales Filmfestival am Oberrhein 2019: Best Student (Fuse)
Go Short 2019 Nijmegen 2019: Best Student (Fuse)
SHORTS Trinationales Filmfestival Offenburg 2019: Best Student (Fuse)
Skepto International Film Festival, Caligari 2019: Best Student (Fuse)
ClujShorts 2019: Best Student (Fuse)
Animocje Animtion Festival, Bydgoszcz 2019: Best Student (Fuse)
Filmfest Dresden 2019: Best Student (Fuse)
Arizona International Film Festival 2019: Best Student (Fuse)
Blon Animtion & Games Festival, Klaipėda 2019: Best Student (Fuse)
Capital City Film Festival 2019: Best Student (Fuse)
Dallas Film Festival 2019: Best Student (Fuse)
Dead by Dawn Scotland's International Horror Film Festival, Edinburgh 2019: Best Student (Fuse)
Sehsüchte Student Film Festival, Potsdam 2019: Best Student (Fuse)
Brussels Short Film Festival 2019: Best Student (Fuse)
Animex Awards, Middlesbrough 2019: Best Student (Fuse)
Twister Alley Film Festival, Woodward 2019: Best Student (Fuse)
Anifilm, Trebon 2019: Best Student (Fuse)
LISFE Leiden Short Film Experience 2019: Best Student (Fuse)
Fantaspoa Film Festival, Porto Alegre 2019: Best Student (Fuse)
New Jersey International Film Festival, New Brunswick 2019: Best Student (Fuse)

Cinanima 2018: Best Student (Fuse)
Supertoon Animation Festival, Šibenik 2018: Best Student (Fuse)
Anibar Animation Festival, Peja 2018: Best Student (Fuse)
Imagaria Animation Festival, Conversano 2018: Best Student (Fuse)
Animanima, Cacak 2018: Best Student (Fuse)
LINOLEUM Animation Festival, Kiev 2018: Best Student (Fuse)
FAB Festival of Animation Berlin 2018: Best Student (Fuse)
World Festival of Animated Film, Varna 2018: Best Student (Fuse)
Viborg Animation Festival 2018: Best Student (Fuse)
AnimaSyros Animation Festival 2018: Best Student (Fuse)
Anim’est Festival, Bucharest 2018: Best Student (Fuse)
Tofuzi Animation Festival, Batumi 2018: Best Student (Fuse)
Timishort Film Festival 2018: Best Student (Fuse)
TIAF Taichung Animation Festival 2018: Best Student (Fuse)
Nice Film Festival C'est Trop Court 2018: Best Student (Fuse)
Cartoons Underground 2018: Best Student (Fuse)
Multivision Animation Festival 2018: Best Student (Fuse)
Epic ACG Fest 2018: Best Student (Fuse)
Kuandu Animation Festival (KDIAF) 2018: Best Student (Fuse)
CutOut Animation Festival 2018: Best Student (Fuse)
Gdansk Animation Film Festival 2018: Best Student (Fuse)
Alcine Film Festival 2018: Best Student (Fuse)
Reggio Film Festival 2018: Best Student (Fuse)
Festival Etiuda&Anima 2018: Best Student (Fuse)
Les Sommets du cinema d’animation 2018: Best Student (Fuse)
Anchorage Film Festival 2018: Best Student (Fuse)
Animateka 2018: Best Student (Fuse)

Denver International Film Festival 2018: Best Animated Short (Fuse)
Galway Film Fleadh 2018: Animation Award (Fuse)
International Animated Film Festival TOFUZI 2018: Jury Prize (Fuse)
Lund International Fantastic Film Festival 2018: Méliès d'Or award (Fuse)
New Orleans Film Festival 2018: Animation Award & Best Director (Fuse)
San Sebastián Horror and Fantasy Film Festival 2018: Jury Prize for Best Short (Fuse)
Annecy International Animated Film Festival, Annecy, France 2015 (Filmfabrik)
Anima Mundi, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2015: Official Selection (Filmfabrik)
Ottawa International Animation Festival, Ottawa, Canada 2015:  Official Selection (Filmfabrik)
Siggraph Asia, Kobe, Japan 2015:  Official Selection (Filmfabrik)